Abstract Perspectives Gallery

Artist: Lisa Empson

People often say they don’t understand abstract paintings.  I used to be one of those people. That was until I learned to ‘let go’ and let the images and emotions they evoke just wash over me.  My ‘Journey’ paintings have this idea in mind. When I paint these images I often have no idea where they are going, but follow the pleasure of mixing colours, exploring textures and enjoying the journey.  One of my favourite phrases is `It’s the journey that is important, not the destination.’  It’s a bonus if I am happy with the destination,then I am able to share it with others.  If I’m not, then nothing is wasted, I just paint over it and it when it becomes the starting point for another journey.

colourful abstract image of this prehistoric site using golds, russets, blues and black to evoke its spirituality

Kirkcarrion Upper Teesdale small original acrylic

I think of this painting as the little sister to my Winter Melt painting.    It’s much smaller being just 30cm x 30cm but once again I wanted to use the effect of shimmering gold paint in the sky and landscape.  If you like it, make me an offer in my silly sale.

Kirkcarrion is a magical, mystical place.  Its copse of trees at the top of the hill are a landmark that can be viewed for miles around.  It has a tangible presence; the perfect resting place for the prehistoric chieftan who is said to be buried there. It’s well worth the short climb to the top of the hill.  You cannot fail to be impressed by the quiet spiritual atmosphere as you wander through these trees.

Would you like to purchase one of the pieces of original artwork from this gallery? Please contact us to find out a little more about the piece and price details.

York Place Gallery


York Place Gallery is a small, independent gallery situated on Hartlepool’s historic headland.

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