`Orion’s Owl’

  by Lisa Empson

This watercolour was painted from a photograph by my photographer friend Hilary Chambers. On her photograph the owl is skimming over water, in front of a faded green landscape. As I continued to work on my owl he took on a `life’ which was more mystical. I particularly liked the way his wings reminded me of the headdresses used by ancient North American Indians. It seemed right to give him an association with an important astrological constellation `Orion’ the hunter.
(See more of Hilary’s work at www.localartandcrafts.co.uk)

Original watercolour 39cm x 54cm, framed 45cm x 75cm
Limited edition print
C5 Greetings card

York Place Gallery


York Place Gallery is a small, independent gallery situated on Hartlepool’s historic headland.

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