`Serendipity’  SOLD

by  Lisa Empson


Shortly after moving to this lovely house on Hartlepool’s historic headland, was on the phone to a friend when I had to interrupt our call. The view across the bay was breathtaking.  I took a few photograpahs, the colours changing all the time as I did so.  Nature’s palette at her best!  This image is my interpretation of the view I saw that evening.

Many people don’t like wind farms, claiming they interrupt and destroy the view.  In my view the wind farm’s sculptured `daisies’ add an artistic interest to this particular view across the bay


Available as:

  • C5 cards – blank or `Baa Humbug’
  • Limited edition acrylic block


York Place Gallery


York Place Gallery is a small, independent gallery situated on Hartlepool’s historic headland.

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