WINTERTIDE FESTIVALWORKSHOPS – York Place Gallery is excited to not only be exhibiting affordable artwork but also hosting workshops for our Wintertide Festival at Hartlepool Headland.

Fabulous poster created by Amanda Jane White

This fabulous poster is by Amanda Jane White – Mandascats – who is exhibiting around the festival.

Do you remember those days when you helped your mum to bake, and dad willingly ate the hard, grey `’scone’ I’d made just for him.? For me those hours of fun were a long time ago now. But last weekend they were recreated when I sampled the Salt Dough Christmas decorations workshop which York Place Gallery is holding on Saturday 25 November from 10 – 4 for the Wintertide Festival.

It was great fun where you could spend quallity time, individually or as a family, really losing yourself `in the moment’.

What a unique `mindfulness’ exercise too!

They look great on the tree!
Salt dough workshop Lola - create your own dog
Salt dough workshop owl
Salt Dough workshop reindeer
Salt dough workshop `sugar' mouse
salt dough tree, snowman,stars

Book your workshops on-line at, the Wintertide Festival Facebook page or inbox me on Facebook or email.

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