I’ve had such a great journey since I took the first brave step of showing a piece of my art to my peers on my Personal Development Training Course with CTI seven years ago.  It was a challenge my own coach set me and I’ve never looked back. I invested a considerable amount of money in this training and don’t regret one penny of it –  I’m living proof of what powerful coaching can do!

It’s a bit scary, wondering how this website will be received; bearing my artistic `soul’ for good or bad.  I thought I’d got over the nerves. But I guess I should remind myself, given my training as a Life Coach, that as long as we are pushing ourselves we will always be afraid.  Sometimes it’s a fine line between recognising the difference between fear and excitement.  Today I’m feeling a bit of both. One thing that my artistic journey has taught me is that we can’t please everyone all of the time, so the best thing to do is to please ourselves, then at least one of us is happy.

I hope you like my new website, my work and the work of my guest artists as they are displayed on the `Guest Artists’ pages.  I hope also that you will continue to do so by subscribing to my Newsletter.

Many thanks for taking the time to browse.


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